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Weekend Recipes

Summary: Paratha is one of the most popular stuffed bread of Northern India. Stuffing can be done with anything, be it spicy, hot, sweet or tangy. Freshly prepared hot Paratha makes a great breakfast, sumptuous meal, even a snack or even as part of the dinner.

Assorted Paratha served with curd

Introduction: Paratha is stuffed Indian Bread, stuffing are made of whatever is available at home. Famous paratha shops of Chandni Chowk at Delhi makes at least 50 variants of paratha. We are sharing few recipes those are not very common.
Onion Pudina Paratha (Onion and Mint Stuffing)
Pudina Paratha Ingredients:

4 cup of wheat flour
1 cup pudina leaves
1 onion finely chopped
1 table spoon Ajwain
Red chilli powder
1 green chilli chopped

>Finely chop pudina leaves
>Add all the above ingredients to flour and make soft dough
>Make small balls of dough
>Flatten the ball by rolling between your palms
>Now take it between fingers and start pressing on the edges while holding it vertically
>Make a thick circular stufff similar to a thick roti
>Now with a rolling pin roll it a bit
>Be careful that it should not tear off
>Cook the paratha on heated tawa  and apply ghee on both the sides
>Cook it till is golden brown on both the sides
>Serve hot along with curd
Tip: The dough can be prepared and stored in refrigerator for few days by wrapping in cling film

Try Broccoli Paratha, click on the image below to get the recipe:

Broccoli Paratha